I love jewellery. I´m endlessly fascinated by these objects of art. For me, they are something from another world, loaded with emotions. Jewellery pieces carry a hint of magic in them. They are something exeptional in the field of design, crafts and art. Jewellery creates a bond between the maker and the wearer. I think it is one of the most intimate things you can give to someone. Jewellery is so often present in life, in good and in bad. And in memories.


The subjects for my work come from caring and warm emotions. The whole process from the idea to the actual object is really important to me and I analyze every step I take on the way. The process of making something is somehow always taking a leap of faith. It´s every time surprising, every time a walk in the dark. Waiting for the moment when all becomes crystal clear, seeing what my mind was after, what was the thing that needed to take a physical form.


What interests me is the line between sculpture art, jewellery art and usable objects. I want my pieces to have a relationship with the human body, but I like to challenge the viewer to think about it, I don´t want to give obvious answers.




Minulle korut ovat maagisia esineitä, täynnä tunnetta ja elämää. Taidemuotona koru on ainutlaatuinen, koska se luo aivan erityisen siteen tekijän ja kantajan välille. Töideni aiheet kumpuavat välittämisestä ja hyväksymisestä, lämpimistä tunteista. Olen kiinnostunut siitä, mikä tekee esineestä korun. Mikä erottaa veistoksen korusta, miksi jotain esinettä kutsutaan käyttöesineeksi ja toista ei.




Korkeavuorenkatu 7,  Helsinki

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